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kansas: Hello to all of you suffering from Morgellons I had the worst of it (hopefully) for a year and a half! Oct 2, 2013 21:57:30 GMT -5
kansas: I just found this site and wanted to share what has finally stopped the horrific itching for me. It's seems that MSM and daily vitamin c, taken daily is helping. i have not idea why? i also think a dehumidifier and a uv air cleaner was used around the same Oct 2, 2013 22:03:43 GMT -5
kansas: This is huge. A infectious disease doc on a plane with my best friend said this is bacterial. Really?! Not in our heads! Oct 2, 2013 22:07:29 GMT -5
kansas: One more thing before I go, I sort of think this bacteria lives in our mouths. I have be using a germ killing mouthwash for the tooth pain and think it is helping the fight. Oct 2, 2013 22:13:51 GMT -5
kansas: what is also terrible about this Morgellons is the predatory salesmen on the net and doctors pretending this is imaginary when we need medical help! Oct 2, 2013 22:20:13 GMT -5
chelliebelle2468: does anyone know anything about the conditions and diseases associated from HLA-B27? Oct 15, 2013 14:52:27 GMT -5
RA: You should try smothering them with petroleum jelly (thickly) for 3 straight days (like you would lice or chiggers). Dec 20, 2013 21:34:23 GMT -5
morgellons101: If a human drank the goat milk could they be affected? could they possibly develop diseases like the mysterious Morgellons, which everyone in the public health protection agencies seem to want to hide it and call it an imaginary disease? I looked into it a Dec 27, 2013 8:15:59 GMT -5
morgellons101: Someone discovered that Morgellons gene code is the same as spider silk fiber - Look up goat milk experiment scientist in montreal changed the goats gene to produce these fibers. Dec 27, 2013 8:18:07 GMT -5
morgellons101: heres the video on youtube Dec 27, 2013 8:19:05 GMT -5
Morg33: No doubt..probably why there is so much research and such going on regarding spider silk and anybody else seeing more and more chemtrails and is it me or are they flying lower and lower? Jan 7, 2014 19:46:51 GMT -5
jonsi: I've been gone way to long. I need to catch up on all the new info you all have here! Where should I go first? Thanks :) Apr 3, 2014 3:00:53 GMT -5
Fl4sh: Just saw something peculiar. Two street sweepers just came down my street. Wouldn't have thought twice but as I thought...why two? I noticed they spray someting first I wonder what they spray? Been sneezing ever since.......hmm.....any help? Apr 25, 2014 10:33:40 GMT -5
Steve frey: Morgellons 101 can you please provide your source of information regarding morgellons and spider silk. Spider silks composition aligns very closely with "spongin" which is a product of sea sponges, this would provide strong support for my sponge theory . May 1, 2014 12:56:29 GMT -5
skyship: Steve Frey, May 26, 2014 20:38:59 GMT -5
skyship: hello, I am still wondering about those sponges. I remember your theory. Good to hear from you. May 26, 2014 20:40:33 GMT -5
skyship: Mr. Frey, check this out: May 26, 2014 20:46:25 GMT -5
Steve Frey: hey skyship, I don't come here very often so if you want to correspond you can email me at Jun 10, 2014 19:30:39 GMT -5
know not: Hiya there? Jun 15, 2014 3:40:11 GMT -5
Strong: Hello, Glad I found this forum again :) Aug 20, 2014 19:12:30 GMT -5
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